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Great. So you guys sold out to become a Triple-A affiliate. Guess everything is going to change now?

WOW. Did you have to be so harsh to start? I mean we have feelings you know. Listen, and we can't say this strongly enough, so please read this carefully. The ownership of Marv Goldklang, Mike Veeck, and Bill Murray are still the majority owners of the Saints. The front office staff remains the same. We have affiliated with the Twins and they are our partners, but they've said they don't want our brand to change. So you know what? The "Fun is Good" mantra will live on. The silly promotions and irreverent humor will be stronger than ever. 

What about the Ushertainers? Or the Pig? Or your hilarious Master of Ceremonies on the mic?

We're going to replace them with mimes, a hippo, and a parrot that mimics everything you say.

All of these are a staple of who the Saints are. Add in the amazing and iconic Sister Roz and all the entertainment you know and love about the Saints will once again return. None of this is going away. As a matter of fact, we'll look to add to the entertainment side, so that we're even more outrageous that usual. Fear not WE WILL NOT CHANGE.

OK so the fun will continue. But now that you're affiliated with Major League Baseball the ticket prices are going to go up right?

MLB, that's not the problem. We have to find a way to meet the demands of our overpriced broadcaster. That guy is out of hand. Asking for a seven figure price tag now that he's in Triple-A. 

Just like we promised nothing will change with the fun of attending a Saints game, we can also promise that the Saints will continue to be affordable entertainment in town. Affordable tickets are as much a part of who we are as the mascot pig. 

So if "nothing is going to change," what's going to be different?

You mean other than the retractable roof we're going to add to CHS Field. 

By signing a PDL (Player Development License) with the Twins and Major League Baseball the Saints have agreed to become part of the Twins minor league system.  The players who wear the Saints uniform are under contract with the Twins.  They’ve been drafted or signed by the Twins and, in many cases, will eventually play at the Major League level. Saints fans will have the opportunity to see top prospects in all of baseball on our roster and the rosters of our opponents. From 2015-19 more than 100 players played at Rochester, the Twins Triple-A affiliate, and then were called up to the Major Leagues during the season. Players like Byron Buxton, Eddie Rosario, Max Kepler, and Miguel Sano to name a few.


So the Twins are responsible for all the players. What about guys who played on the Saints? Will George be back as manager?

Is someone cutting onions in here? You're going to make us cry. 

Let's take you back to physics class. Remember that guy Newton. The guy was so brilliant he was knighted by Queen Anne in 1705 (and you thought this was just a baseball website. Find another baseball site that gives you a history and physics lesson rolled into one). Newton's third law of motion stated, "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction."

With the Twins taking over all player personnel and coaching staff moves that means our players will be part of a draft with teams in the American Association. As for George, we would like him to remain a part of the Saints family, but unfortunately it won't be in a managerial or coaching role because, as we said, the Twins have their people in place. No matter what he chooses to do, he will ALWAYS be a part of the family. While this partnership with the Twins is 95% positive the loss of George along with Pitching Coach Kerry Lightenberg, Hitting Coach Ole Sheldon, First Base Coach Dan Grice, and Certified Athletic Trainer Jason Ellenbecker, is the other 5%.

Does that mean you're going to have a bunch of players that don't care about winning?

Wait, we thought you just came for the entertainment. You're telling us winning games matters to you. Mind blown.

These guys are professional ballplayers. Depite what you've heard about MiLB, these guys don't go out there and tank it. They are one step away from the Major Leagues. Some of them have been in The Show and are trying to get back there. They have something to prove. That doesn't mean they won't be asked to work on things or a player or two won't get more reps than someone else, but once the game starts these guys are trying to win games.

Will you be in the same league as you were before? What does it mean now that you're the top affiliate of the Twins?

When you find out what league we're a part of will you let us know. Actually, just call up the Major League Baseball offices and ask directly because as of right now we haven't a clue. We just found out we're a Triple-A affiliate.

Here's what we can tell you. We will no longer be a part of the American Association. We will either be a part of the Pacific Coast League (basically teams from the Midwest to the West Coast) or the International League (basically teams from the Midwest to the East Coast).

As for the affiliated vs. Independent conversation. As the Triple-A affiliate of the Twins it means we receive our players from the Twins. These are guys they drafted, traded for snagged via free agency, the Rule 5 Draft, etc. The Twins decide where they place their players within their Minor League system. Independent Professional Baseball, which we were a part of for 28 years, get their players from Major League organizations that release their players or college players that were never drafted. We are beholden to the rules put in place by Major League Baseball while Independent Professional Baseball decides their rules from a committee of the owners, League President and Commissioner. There are a few other things, but you get the gist.

Now that you're a Twins affiliate are you going to change your name?

Yes. We are now going to be known as the St. Paul Cabingoers. Actually, the Minnesota Uff Dah's. No wait, the Twin Cities Lutefisk. 

NO, we are NOT going to change our name. We're the St. Paul Saints. We've been the Saints since 1993 and we're going to be the Saints in 2053 (editors note. The person writing this doesn't know that for sure. Should the name change, this post is not permissable in a court of law). Our brand will not change. The entertainment will not change. The handing out of the coupons for free items at your favorite establishment will not change.  

When will the season start? Will you have a schedule soon?

Can we wait until 2021 to answer this question? Let's just get through this year first.

If previous Triple-A seasons are any indication, we will begin roughly 7-10 days after the Major League season starts and play roughly 140 games, 70 at home. At this point, we're waiting for a schedule to be released and once we do, you will be able to find it here.

OK you've sold me. I was a season ticket holder, but now that you're scheduled to play 70 games how does this affect my season tickets?

Are you complaining about seeing more games and having more fun? A chance to put a smile on your face up to 20 more times during the summer. We could all use a smile on our faces right about now.

We will offer full-season, half-season and 12-game mini plans. If you're a current season ticket holder your representative will be in touch. If you're a new season ticket holder you can find information here or contact our office Monday-Friday 9-5 at 651-644-6659.

What if I had tickets to a 2020 game, but never used them?

Didn't we tell you that we're going to forget 2020 even existed. We'd rather not talk about it. The history books will go from 2019 directly into 2021. But fine, we're here to answer all of your questions I guess.

We realize there are a lot of season ticket holders, groups, and single-game ticket buyers that purchased tickets for the 2020 season. We will reach out to each season ticket holder and group representative to get you set up for 2021. If you're a single-game ticket buyer, you will be able to go into your account and you will have a credit from your purchase that you can use towards tickets in 2021. Once our schedule is finalized your credit will appear in your account. If you spend less than the credit, then you will have whatever is left over to spend on more tickets. If you spend over your credit, then you will just pay the difference when you check out online. However, if you purchased tickets in person, you can either bring those tickets to the box office during office hours Monday-Friday, 9-5, or if you don't have the tickets anymore, give us a call at 651-644-6659 and we will help you out.

Will Saints games be televised? How about on the radio?

Now we're talking. Who doesn't want to listen to the dulcet tones of one of the greatest broadcasters to walk the face of the Earth. Broadcaster Digest called him "a once in a lifetime voice."

We once again plan on having all of our home games televised through a mix of public access channels and Channel 45. We're working on other potential outlets as well, but we'll make an announcement at a later date. Also, you will be able to stream all Saints game online (there is a cost) that you can go through to find out more information. As for radio, we once again plan to be on KFAN Plus, 96.7 FM, but there will be more details to come.

You've answered a lot of questions, but what if I want to know something that isn't on this FAQ?

What is this Ask Jeeves? Come on. What more do you want from us? We're a Minor League Baseball team not 411.

We're here Monday-Friday 9-5 and can answer any and all of your questions by calling 651-644-6659. Find us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Friendster, MySpace, SnapChat, Etsy, and pinterest at @StPaulSaints.