What is your bag policy?

This is not the NHL or NFL.  We want your entrance to CHS Field to be as smooth as possible.  While we don't have a size limitation, your bag is subject to inspection.  Please do not bring in any coolers, but backpacks, purses, totes, man bags, murses, and similar type bags are allowed.

Do you have a kids play area?

Yes, it's called the Craft Beer Bullpen.  We joke.  Yes, there is the HealthPartners PowerUp Play Zone behind the black center field wall on the concourse.  

When I buy a ticket can I sit anywhere I want?

If you don't mind sitting on somoene's lap or having them sit on yours then please go for it.  Our guess is that will leave too many awkward situations.  Your ticket has a specific Section, Row and seat number on it.  This is where you will sit.  If you have any issues on finding your seat we have friendly ushers waiting to help you out.  There are two general admission seating areas in Section 119 and 120.  If you purchase general admission tickets you can sit anywhere within the section listed on your ticket.

How do I purchase Treasure Island Berm tickets?

The Treasure Island Berm is located just beyond the left field wall.  A select number of tickets are available prior to each game at or by calling 651-644-6659.  Once those tickets are gone, the only way to purchase the Treasure Island Berm tickets is in person, at the box office, on the day of each game.

Can I bring a lawn chair to sit on the Treasure Island Berm?

We don't allow lawn chairs, couches, stools, hammocks, recliners, bean bag chairs, logs, or crates to sit on.  You may, however, bring a blanket into CHS Field for use on the Treasure Island Berm.  

Can I bring in an umbrella?

We didn't put a roof on the ballpark, so sometimes water does fall from the sky causing you to get wet.  You are permitted to bring in your small umbrellas.

Do you have gluten free options at your concession stands?

We realize not everyone can devour hot dogs, nachos, oversized turkey legs, and cotton candy.  We provide gluten free options at several of our stands.  Please see our friendly Fan Service representatives located behind Section 105 and they can direct you to the areas of the ballpark that provide options for your dietary needs.

Can I bring in outside food and beverages?

We've hired a world renowned chef to make all our food in the ballpark.  Unfortunately, no outside food or beverages are allowed at CHS Field.  HOWEVER, you can bring in water and baby formula.  If you have specific dietary needs please contact the Saints office at 651-644-6659 prior to your game.

What is a Roaming Ticket?

People enjoy coming to CHS Field and often times we are over capacity.  When this happens we sell what is known as a Roaming Ticket.  This enables you access into CHS Field, but does not give you access to any ticketed seating area.  This includes the drink rail, Treasure Island Berm area, the Front Porch Seats, wheel chair accessible areas, or general admission sections in 119 and 120.  Many fans will stand in the SPIRE Home Run Porch in right field or on the concourse in left-center field in front of the video board.  Please feel free to roam around the ballpark, but if you do need to sit at some point The Gallery area behind the home plate concourse is available after the first inning.

What if it rains?

DING DING DING! You have selected the most popular question we get asked.  Please note, none of us are meteorogists or psychics.  With that said, we do everything we can to play each game.  You can find updated information on Twitter and Facebook at StPaulSaints.  If a game is postponed prior to gates opening (90 minutes before first pitch) we will inform you via those social media channels and the Saints website.  Otherwise, gates will open as scheduled.  Sometimes, first pitch is delayed and we will keep you updated on that information via Facebook, Twitter or our radio network, KFAN Plus, 96.7 FM.  If a game doesn't start or isn't an official game (at least 5 innings) then you can redeem your ticket for any regular season game the rest of the season, based on availability.  You must present that ticket at the box office.  We recommend exchanging your ticket either that night or in advance of the game you want to attend.  You can always redeem your ticket on the day of the game you would like to attend, but please note it will be much more difficult to get you a ticket of equal value.

My group is coming on a bus. Where can it drop us off and park?

Please note the bus CAN'T drop you off at the Broadway entrance.  It must drop you off at our 4th Street entrance.  You can find it on this map.  The bus can then go park on top of the hill at Indian Mounds Park or across the river at Fillmore Street near the Comcast Center.

Where is there handicap accessible parking?

First, you can drop off any patrons at the 4th Street entrance.  Please don't drop them off at the Broadway entrance as the road has traffic and is blocked off during games.  You can find handicap parking on the map here.

Do you have a Mother's Nursing Room?

Yes we have a Mother's Nursing Room located behind Section 116 and Family Restrooms located behind Sections 107 and 112.

Do you have ATM's?

We take cash, so you better believe we have spots in the ballpark for you to take out a couple of extra dollars.  ATM's are available in the team store as well as under the stairs behind Section 112 on the third base side.

How can I get into the City of Baseball Museum?

Your ticket to the game gets you into the City of Baseball Museum.  The museum is open once the gates open and will close approximately at the end of the 7th inning.  On non-game days please contact us at 651-644-6659 to set up a day and time.

Can I smoke/vape at CHS Field?

We realize we were one of the last teams that allowed you to smoke at our ballpark (Midway Stadium), but here in CHS Field if you really feel the need to smoke and/or vape we ask that you exit the ballpark, head east on 94 and when you hit the border of Wisconsin, pull over, exit the car and smoke away.

If I leave the ballpark, can I re-enter?

As long as you can solve the following question: How many different ways are there to reach first base safely?

Or, feel free to get your hand stamped on the way out.  As you re-enter show the stamp to our staff and they will gladly let you back in.

Can I bring strollers into the ballpark?

How else are you going to enter our baby stroller pushing contest?

Yes, feel free to bring your strollers into the ballpark, but please note we do NOT have a place to store them.  Also, when you are sitting in your seat, they must be folded up and placed under your chair and can't be left in the aisle.

Do you have a lost and found?

Wouldn't it be nice if we could just keep everything that fans leave beind during games?  Cell phones, wallets, strollers.  Seriously, how do you leave a stroller?

Have no fear, our cleaning crew does a clean sweep of the ballpark.  Anything that is left behind is handed off to our front office.  Please contact us at 651-644-6659.

Do you give ballpark tours?

Touring CHS Field is like getting a behind the scenes look at Disneyland, Buckingham Palace, and Hogwarts all rolled into one.  Contact Anna Gutknecht at 763-703-5216 to set up your tour. 

Are guns allowed on the premises?

Not even for our Wild West promotional night. There are no guns allowed on the premises.

My child is 2 years old, does he/she need a ticket?

No. If your child is 2 years old or under, he/she is allowed to enter the ballpark free of charge and does not require a ticket. However, if at some point you do not want he/she sitting on your lap any longer, and wish to have them sit next to you, you do need to purshase a ticket for that seat.