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Unbelievable. You guys are back at CHS Field and have played games already. Seriously, how did I not know?

I mean all four news stations covered it, both newspapers, we plastered it all over social media, our GM lived atop a billboard until we were able to come home. How did you miss that last one? Oh, that didn't happen. Wishful thinking. But, yes we are back at CHS Field.

Great. How many games are you playing at CHS Field?

743 to be exact. We have to make up for all those games lost. OK fine. So it's not that many. We started at home on August 4 and the season runs until September 10. In all, we have 21 games at CHS Field. You can find our schedule here. Just to be clear, we are the road team for the three games against Winnipeg September 4-6. Nothing changes, they just hit last. Winnipeg is playing out of the Fargo hub and begged us to play these games at CHS Field (ok maybe that's not totally true, but we can all envision that happening can't we). It just made more sense since Winnipeg will not play any home games this year to play in a ballpark where fans want to see at least one of the teams play.

Sweet. Give me 75 tickets to an upcoming game. How can I purchase them?

Someone is eager. But let's be rational. There are two ways we're asking you to purchase tickets:

1. call us during normal office hours, Monday-Friday 9-5 and Saturday 10-2 at 651-644-6659

2. the internet. Right here on our website. The internet never closes.

If you must come in person, you can certainly do so, but we'd like to limit the amount of people that do this.

I want to buy 1, maybe 2 tickets, but your ticketing system is making me buy 5. Is this a scam?

Hey, didn't we tell you. We're trying to make up for all those lost games. A baseball team has to eat. OK fine. We don't need you calling the BBB on us. If you want to purchase 1 or 2 tickets, or you're just having trouble buying tickets in general, CALL US. We have many friendly people in our office (one or two not so friendly people. Hopefully, they don't answer your call) willing to help you. 651-644-6659 Monday-Friday 9-5 and Saturday 10-2.

The system won't let you buy just 1 or 2 because we can't have people sitting next to you (we're in the middle of a pandemic in case you haven't heard). We need to physically remove those tickets from the system so that people aren't sitting next to you that's why you need to call. 

OK great. I've got my tickets I can just walk in wherever I want and go to whatever concession stand I choose?

Hold on there Skippy. Again, we're in the middle of a pandemic. This isn't the wild west. We have rules and regulations. On the morning of your game you will receive an email giving you this map along with detailed instructions on your entrance, where to park based on your entrance, your specific area, and all that fun stuff. Welcome to 2020.

Are you going to fill the ballpark to capacity like you've done since 2015?

If you don't tell, we won't. What? You're going to tell? Nobody likes a tattletail. Fine. Per the guidelines we can have a maximum of 1,500 fans in our ballpark. Not 1,501. In order to do this we've created 6 unique areas in the ballpark with no more than 250 people in each area. We'll do the math for you: 250x6 (carry the 3, square root of 42, x to the 5th power, function of X/2) = 1,500.

Will there be unfamiliar people sitting near me?

All of a sudden you're anti-social? You don't like other people? Of that's right the COVID deal. 

Here's how we've set up our seating: a block of seats on the end of one row, the next row a block of seats in the middle, next row a block of seats on the end of one row, the next row a block of seats in the middle, etc.. No one should be sitting right behind you or next to you that you don't know. If they are scream STRANGER DANGER. Ok, don't do that. But, we'll have an usher in each area. Please go tell a friendly usher, and they will handle the situation. If they don't handle the situation to your liking please ask for Eddie Coblentz. He is the Director of Community Partnerships and Fan Services. Think of him as the Godfather of these ushers.

What if I purchased a ticket back in March to a game already played or one that is going to be played?

Thank you for your contribution to the Sean Aronson Virtual Press Box. The money will go to good use. Oh, you don't want to donate money to an egotistical broadcaster who just slapped his name on some part of the website.

Your account has a credit in it for the value of the tickets you've already purchased. Any ticket you purchased no longer exists (the whole 1,500 max capacity, 6 distinct areas thing), so you can click here and go through the process of purchasing tickets. At the end, use your credit towards those tickets. Don't want to come to a game this year, you can hang on to the credit for next year.

OK, but what if I purchased a ticket package that came with a bobblehead?

Ahhh yes, the golden ticket of minor league baseball. Honestly, if we did a bobblehead of a blade of grass people would wait in line seven hours before game time.

Here's the deal. If you purchased a ticket package that came with a bobblehead you are ASSURED of said bobblehead. We have them at the ballpark. When you come to a game this year just let the person scanning your ticket know you've purchased one of the ticket packages, and they will direct you where to go.

If you're not coming to a game in 2020, you can still pick up a bobblehead during our normal business hours, Monday-Friday 9-5 and Saturday 10-2.

I bought one of those Astro the Grouch talking collectibles. What's the deal with those?

Those were a great idea weren't they? Could you imagine if we had given those out on July 31 when we were originally supposed to and the Astros were across town playing the Twins on that night. That would have been epic.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, they are sitting in customs. Literally, just sitting there. We were supposed to get them in July. Nope. Then August. Nope. Now, we're being told September. The moment we get them we will be shipping them out we promsie.

What if I purchased tickets from a secondary ticket reseller like StubHub or Seat Geak?

While we always encourage people to purchase tickets directly through us at saintsbaseball.com, calling us at 651-644-6659 or visiting us in person, we realize that sometimes our fans purchase tickets from secondary market reseller sites like StubHub, Ticket King, Seat Geek, etc. Tickets that have been purchased from a secondary market reseller cannot be refunded by the Saints because the Saints weren't a party to the transaction. If you purchased tickets from a secondary market reseller for a Saints game in May or June, we recommend you contact them directly to discuss your options for that purchase. 

Once I purchased my ticket how do I get it? Should I go to Will Call?

We get it. You just want some human contact. We can't blame you. Our Ticket Office Manager, Aaron Boettger, is a hunk. He'd probably be Mr. January if we did one of those hunky front office calendars. Sadly, that's not in the works.

We'd like to avoid people coming to the box office. Your tickets are available digitally. Whether you call us, or purchase online, you can get your tickets on your phone. If you call us, make sure the person who sells you your tickets emails them to you. If you purchase them online, they will be available in your account. You can print them if you'd like, but we have fancy scanners that can read the bar code off of your phone. If there are any issues then you can definitely come to the box office to pick up your tickets, but let's make this a last resort.

What if I have more questions that aren't answered here? Or maybe I just want to talk to someone because I've been cooped up in my house for so long, then what?

Operators are standing by. Please feel free to call us during normal office hours Monday-Friday 9-5 at 651-644-6659.