Saints July 31 Game Brought To You By The Letters "C" And "S" As First 1,500 Fans Will Receive Astro The Grouch Talking Bobblehead

Feb 25, 2020

The St. Paul Saints won “a piece of metal” in 2019, claiming their first championship in 15 seasons.  If things go according to plan in 2020 there will be plenty of sunny days, sweeping the clouds away, ahead.  The baseball world may be buzzing about off-season scandals, but none of that goes on at CHS Field.  Borrowing a page out of everyone’s favorite public access TV show, the Saints July 31st game will be brought to you by the letter “C” and “S.”    While everyone knows Oscar the Grouch, the Saints will introduce a new character, Astro the Grouch.

               The first 1,500 fans that walk through the gates on Friday, July 31 will receive a unique talking bobblehead, Astro the Grouch.  Astro, who lives in a trash can, has baseball antennas making it easier for him to pick up radio and TV frequencies.  With a simple push of a button Astro will let you know, with a bang or two, what pitch is coming - once for a fastball and twice for a curveball.  Sometimes he’ll just tell you what’s coming by saying, “fastball” or “curveball.” 

              One…two…three…three bangs on the trash can, ah ah ahhh.  If you’ve ever had your cookies stolen causing you to turn into a monster or your kids were cheated out of their rubber ducky during bath time, which should be lots of fun, then the Saints have the perfect day for you.  All kids in attendance will be treated to a two-inning fun workshop on why cheating and stealing are bad.


          We won’t rip the shirt off your back, but if you’re a little shy because of a half-done tattoo, fret not.  The Saints will have artists on hand to help finish off the perfect ink job, whether it’s your child’s name, a simple letter, or even an asterisk.


          Many fans may not have the physical scar of an unwanted tattoo, but lawyers will be on hand for your emotional scars should you seek retribution for the time and energy you put into rooting for your favorite team.  For some fan bases, 1988 is a distant memory while others aren’t satisfied with 27 titles, but a replica trophy will be on hand to take photos with or hoist above your head.


          The reigning American Association Champion Saints begin the 2020 season with the banner raising ceremony on Tuesday, May 19 at CHS Field against the Lincoln Saltdogs at 7:05 p.m.

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