Mar. 30, 2020

ST. PAUL, MN (March 30, 2020) – Chesny Young entered the 2019 season with just six career home runs in more than 1,850 Minor League at bats.

Mar. 26, 2020

ST. PAUL, MN (March 26, 2020) – Businesses across the world are reaching out and helping one another.

Mar. 13, 2020

The American Association of Independent Professional Baseball continues to monitor the COVID-19 virus outbreak (Novel Coronavirus) and will take all necessary steps to protect our fans, players, umpires, and staffs in the 2020 season. 

Mar. 11, 2020

ST. PAUL, MN (March 11, 2020) – Classic Saints. Put together a promotional schedule that fans will be talking about for years to come, or more specifically, giveaways that will be talking to our fans during the upcoming season.

Mar. 10, 2020

ST. PAUL, MN (March 10, 2020) – Two of the top pitchers in the league. A young arm who struck out 10 in the playoffs last season.

Mar. 04, 2020

A no-hitter, an All-Star Game start in his home ballpark, and the elusive championship. 

Feb. 28, 2020

If you’re clamoring to get your hands on the Astro the Grouch Talking bobblehead or want to make sure you’re in attendance when the St. Paul Saints raise their championship banner, then mark your calendars.

Feb. 25, 2020

The St. Paul Saints won “a piece of metal” in 2019, claiming their first championship in 15 seasons.

Feb. 12, 2020

The St. Paul Saints were staring elimination in the face in Game 4 of the North Division Series.

Feb. 04, 2020

The St. Paul Saints were desperate last season at the beginning of July when they lost two infielders in the matter of two innings due to injury.

Jan. 23, 2020

He wasn’t even in the starting lineup on Opening Day.

Jan. 20, 2020

St. Paul Saints manager George Tsamis watched first-hand the dominance of starter Daniel Minor in 2018.