• Written about 3 hours ago
    It took around 5 hours to go up today, but you can watch the installation of the #CHSField sign in under 1 minute! http://t.co/ab5tfWy5gU via @StPaulSaints
  • Written about 5 hours ago
    Ladies and gentleman we present to you @CHSFieldStPaul. Opening day May 21. http://t.co/5YjgDWb4E4 via @StPaulSaints
  • Written about 6 hours ago
    Like any good baseball team we're nothing without good "D" http://t.co/CcfkqmE506 via @StPaulSaints
  • Written about 8 hours ago
    And now the world will know the name of our new ballpark @CHSFieldStPaul http://t.co/c0TLtxBXWI via @StPaulSaints
  • Written about 4 days ago
    We tried the same thing internally, but our stick figures didn't look as nice, so we turned it over to a professinal https://t.co/AqGfuDTQGX via @StPaulSaints
  • Written about 5 days ago
    Big Bat Back As Gac Returns To Saints http://t.co/m7d63UY27F via @StPaulSaints

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  • CHS Field- Virtual Tour
    CHS Field- Virtual Tour
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